French Immersion (FS)

    Children who do not speak French may qualify for the Lycée International’s special French adaptation course, known as Français Spécial (FS), for their first year. Français Spécial classes exist from 2nd through 10th grade (CE1-2nde). Each class is made up of about 20 students of different nationalities who either know no French or possess a limited knowledge of the language.

    Through specialized teaching, the Français Spécial program enables students to acquire sufficient knowledge of written and spoken French to follow native-speaking French classes the following year. This ambitious objective means that the student and his/her family must be highly motivated to learn French and be prepared to take on these challenges.

    At the Middle School level, classes are mixed. Students in 6th and 7th grades (6ème and 5ème) are grouped together, as are students in 8th and 9th grades (4ème and 3ème).

    All candidates for the Français Spécial program must come to the school for interviews and testing.

    Prerequisites for entrance into Français Spécial:

    English – At every grade level, strong, age-appropriate oral and written skills must be demonstrated.

    Mathematics – Sound math skills are essential.

    Motivation – musts for the student

    • Understand the need to learn French and respect the philosophy, rules and the life of the Lycée International.
    • Accept the idea that the composition of a Français Spécial class is both culturally and linguistically heterogeneous.
    • Work actively and consistently in class and always complete homework assignments.
    • Share the ultimate goal that s/he will be integrated into a mainstream French class at the next grade level after one year.

    Families must be supportive of their Français Spécial child in all of the above.

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